How To Calm Yourself Quickly | Tips To Calm Down And Relax In Less Than a Minute


How To Calm Yourself Quickly | Tips To Calm Down And Relax In Less Than a Minute

Take a deep, long breath. Stop everything that you are doing, and choose a better place to keep yourself calm. Take yourself out of a stressful situation. And focus all your attention on the rhythm of your breath. It will help you to calm down easily, focus your mind on things that give peace to your mind: listen to your favorite songs, or take a bath or run it. Just remember one thing above all of these, that this moment does not last long. Your peace of mind will return in a short time.

How To Calm Yourself Quickly | Tips To Calm Down And Relax In Less Than a Minute

Method 1:- Using some common techniques to calm down soon

1. Stop whatever you are doing: The technique to keep yourself calm is to remove yourself from all those things which make you sad. Let me tell the person you are talking to at this time, that I need a break. If you are in a company, then go from there civilly. Take yourself to a place where you can experience peace and put all your attention to thoughts that bring peace to yourself.

2. Take a second look at your feelings: When we are worried, unhappy or angry, our body reaches the situation of “run away from it or quarrel”. Our body will emit adrenaline hormones from our sympathetic nervous system. This hormone will speed up your heartbeat and breath, create tension in your muscles and keep the blood vessels tight. Remove yourself from everything pushing yourself into tension and you Focus on what kind of body the body is experiencing. This will help you to maintain current and reduce “automatic reactivity”.

  • “Automatic reactivity” occurs when your brain begins to react enthusiasm in any kind of stress. Whenever your brain is in tension, it gives birth to similar stimuli. According to the researches, if your mind is focused on feeling away from all these thoughts, in fact, it will be able to create some good and new habits.
  • Do not assume your experiences, only accept them. For example, if you are really angry about something, then your heart will start beating faster and your face will be very hot and red. Accept all these experiences, but do not weigh them in the “right” or “false” scales

How To Calm Yourself Quickly | Tips To Calm Down And Relax In Less Than a Minute

3. Breathe: When the sympathetic nervous system of your body is active due to some stress, then the first thing you need to do is breathe well. By focusing on your deep and long breaths, you will have many advantages. It will restore oxygen to your body, control your brain waves and reduce the level of lactate in your blood. All these things will make you feel at peace and comfort.

  • Take a breath from your diaphragm, not with your chest If you keep your hands on your stomach, you will be able to feel the contraction of your belly while breathing and leaving your breath.
  • Sit straight down, stand up or lie down on the back to make your chest feel open. When you are tilted, it is not so easy for you to breathe. Pull the breath through your nose and count up to 10. You will experience expansion in your lungs and stomach. And after this slowly release your breathing from your mouth or nose. Target at least 6-10 deep breaths in every minute.
  • Focus on the rhythm of your breath. Try not to get distracted by yourself in any way, even if you are not feeling so much sorrow. If you find yourself distracted, then you can count your breaths, or concentrate on the words or sentences that can keep you calm.
  • As if, when you breathe in, imagine an elegant light that is a symbol of love and truth. Feel like it is entering your body. Now when you leave the breath out, think of it that you are leaving out all the stress. Repeat it 3 or 4 times

4. Relax your muscles: Whenever stress or emotional response arises, your body’s muscles are in tension and stress. You might “feel tired.” Progressive Muscle Relaxation, or PMR, will help relieve your body. Just doing a bit of practice, the PMR will be able to get out of your stress very soon.

  • There are so many PMR routines present online. MIT has an 11-minute free PMR audio clip.
  • Find a very cool and friendly place. There is not too much light on here.
  • Lie down or sit well Loosen your tight clothes.
  • Take a close look at any group of muscles. You can start with your toes and reach up to the top or even from the forehead to the feet.
  • The more muscles of this group, the stronger you can stretch, try to stretch. For example, if you start with your head, then pull your eyebrows up as far as possible to open your eyes completely. Take your eyelids too Leave it like this for 5 seconds, then leave it.
  • After this move on to other muscle groups and create tension in them. For the quotation, press your lips loudly for 5 seconds, then leave it. Then give as much as 5 seconds as a smile, and then leave it.
  • Proceed with other muscle groups such as the throat, neck, shoulders, arms, chest, stomach, thighs, legs and thumb.

Method 2:- Improve peace

1. Check your eating habits: Both our bodies and minds are not different in any way. What one does, the effect of it falls on the other, and so is your catering.

  • Reduce the amount of caffeine. Caffeine is a stimulating substance. Its excessiveness creates a feeling of anxiety and trouble inside you.
  • Eat protein intake. Protein makes your stomach feel more and longer full. Lean proteins, such as fish or eggs, are very good.
  • Complicated carbohydrates containing many fibers flow serotonin from your brain. Hole grain bread and pasta, brown rice, lentil pulses, fruits, and vegetables, are a great choice.
  • Stay away from the abundant sugar-containing foods and fast food. It can make you even more unhappy and tense.
  • Reduce alcohol consumption. People take alcohol as a medicine to calm themselves, but it can not keep you away from stress for a long time. However, due to this, you get the symptoms of discomfort. It also messes up your sleeping time, which makes you irritable.

2. Exercise: Physical Exercise frees endorphins (endorphins), which is a “natural feeling” chemical present in your body. You do not need to become a bodybuilder to generate this effect. According to the studies, light workout, walking, and gardening done every day, helps prove a sense of comfort, happiness, and peace inside you.

  • Do some such exercises, which include some physical activities along with meditation, such as Tai Chi and Yoga. You will soon see a positive effect on anxiety. This will reduce the pain and promote good emotions inside you.

3. Meditate: Meditation has its own history. According to scientific studies, meditation is helpful in generating feelings of peace and feeling inside you. There are many types of meditation, the “mindfulness” medication suggested by the educators is one of them

  • You do not need to go home outside to learn meditation. There are plenty of MP3 files present on MIT, which you can download at home and also download. With this, the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center does the same.

4. Spend time with people who calm you down: We humans often start feeling the feelings of other people on yourself too. The level of anxiety present in those we live with affects us as well. So try to spend time with people who are calm and you will also start to stay calm.

  • Try to live with people who support you. Taking a different understanding of yourself and evaluating your emotions will make you tense.


  • It would be right to make excuses to go to the bathroom to get out of any situation.
  • Whenever something good happens, then try to save this moment in your mind. Then whenever you feel stressed, then try to remember these moments.
  • If you like to drink tea, then drink a cup of tea. Tea contains L-theanine, which proves to be helpful in feeling good in your heart. Just when you feel stressed, avoid taking caffeine; Caffeine is very stimulating and produces even more pain inside you.

How To Calm Yourself Quickly | Tips To Calm Down And Relax In Less Than a Minute


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