How to clean your iPad | How to clean iPad at Home

How to clean your iPad | How to clean iPad at Home

How to clean your iPad | How to clean iPad at Home

On your iPad, your hands and fingerprints are printed, but the iPad has been made for that person, why? Regular removal of scars and spots is an important part of the maintenance of the iPad. This article will tell you how to clean the iPad’s touchscreen in a fair and safe manner. You will only need to wear a high-quality microfiber cloth or a lens wiping cloth. Read the instructions below for more information.

Method 1:- Cleaning your ipad

1.Ensure that the plug is out of your iPad and press the “Sleep” button above your iPad or turn off your iPad properly: If any other cables are attached to the iPad, remove them.

2.If you have clothes to clean the iPad, then remove it from the case: The cloth to clean is a black microfiber cloth that comes with the iPad. To remove loose particles from the microfiber cloth, bump it in the air rapidly.

3.Check dust or large particles on the iPad screen: By accidentally rubbing dust on the screen, it can become abrasive.

4. If necessary, use compressed air to remove the dust from the screen so that your iPad screen does not scratch.

  • Remember: If the air produced from the compressed air is produced then be careful that the holes on the iPad do not cause any moisture and should not be moistened on the screen as well.

5. Keep the iPad cleanup on your iPad screen: If you do not have the cloth to clean it, you can use the following:

  • Any microfiber cloth
  • Any lens cloth which you use to clear your glasses
  • Any soft, lint-free cloth
  • Do not use any type of clothes, towels, tissue paper, or any such item on your iPad. These damage the iPad screen.

6. Until the screen is clean, rub the clothes to clean the iPad, lightly rub it in a circular motion.

7. See if there is no oil or dust spots on the screen: by just rubbing the cloth in circular motion for a while you will see that your iPad will look like a new one with a glow!

8. Repeat this step after using it every time or, if you need it: By doing so, your iPad will be clean and fingerprints and spots will be cleared on it.

9. Do not use the following items to clean an iPad: The iPad screen has an oleophobic coating, which is sensitive and should be cleaned with only a soft cloth. If the following things are used to clean the iPad, then the oleophobic be damaged:

  • Window cleaner or cleaner
  • Aerosol sprays
  • Solvents
  • Alcohol
  • Ammonia
  • Abrasives

Method 2:- Tips for keeping your iPad clean

1.Consider buying a good case and cover for the iPad: There are different types of iPad cases available in the market; You can find them anywhere in the market, which makes it even more difficult to decide which of them to buy. Here are some common tips you can use when purchasing an iPad case:

  • Find a case in which the iPad can fit properly and work properly. You should buy a case that can be the second surface of the iPad, but it should be a case that does not have any difficulty in using the iPad.
  • If the leather hair does not fit properly then do not use them. Leather hair can look good and the iPad looks good in them, but they are not suitable for the iPad, and using them can cause dust in the middle of the case and the iPad.

2. Clean up your iPad regularly: You do not need to clean it every time you use your iPad, but if you use it often, then after cleaning it for a while, it is good for years without spots Can work well

3. Never spray any fluid directly on your iPad: Moisture + iPad pores = difficulties. As a general rule, do not use any fluid to protect the oleophobic of the iPad.

  • If you want to clean the iPad with a fluid, use a cleaner like iKlenz Cleaner Solution. Dust particles are removed from this type of solution and it kills bacteria too. If used properly, this fluid will shine the iPad screen.


  • Keep the iPad cleanup with you all the time so that you can wipe the screen after using the iPad every time and it does not have fingerprints and dust in it.
  • Make sure to wash the iPad after heavy use of clothes to be washed.
  • Ensure that your iPad is off or in sleep mode so that there is no application open or an icon accidentally moving in its place while cleaning.
  • Do not spray the spray in any hole because it can cause problems and your iPad can stop working.



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