How To Detect Hidden Camera In Any Room |

How To Detect Hidden Camera In Any Room |

How to detect hidden cam

Whenever you go to some unknown room or are going from the street or if there is such an unknown place and you know that you are being seen then does your gesture indicate? These days, you are probably right – the spy cameras are everywhere and their number is increasing steadily. You might be wondering how these hidden cameras are detected and your security and privacy should be maintained. In this article, we will tell you how you can do it.

Method 1:- Get help with your eyes

1. Identify suspicious signals: Keep in mind that cameras can be hidden but not fully lens. Therefore, seeing the lens can be seen and recognized.

  • Keep track of possible locations in any new place such as someone’s home or office where there may be hidden cameras. Keep in mind that you have some special places, such as a bedroom, a living room, or a place where you have the same value. There can be spy cameras here.

How to detect hidden cam

  • Some simple items like books, smoke detectors, tablets, tablets, tissue boxes, stuffed teddies, and electric appliances etc. may be equipped with spy cameras.
  • Also, keep an eye on some less susceptible items: these can include gym bags, DVD covers, glasses, lamps, buttons, and accessories etc.
  • Keep an eye on any small holes. It probably will not be larger than the “o” shape. These cameras can be hidden in the side walls of the room or in other possible places.
  • However, it is very difficult to find hidden cameras, but it is very important to be aware of all the organized objects and places.

2. Spy cameras can be hidden even in public places. So you can safeguard yourself by paying attention to them.

  • Select locations where the scope of sight is bigger and better. It can usually be above the building and open spaces where there is no obstacle.
  • Attention to glass or plastic dome, especially those that are painted. Public cameras are usually hidden behind security cover etc. It is possible that if it is in front of the room or in a visible or transparent form, then there may be a camera in it.

Method 2:- Use Counter-Surveillance Technology

Wireless camera detector

1. Buy a wireless camera detector from the internet or from a local electronics store.

  • Scan once in the room with this purchased detector, that is, there is no suspicious thing available.

2. Use your cell phone (mobile): Make a call from your mobile and take it to the object with suspicion. As soon as your phone arrives in the electromagnetic field of that object, it will feel a different kind of wave (Vibration) due to which a voice will arise. You can easily recognize this voice.

  • However, it is also possible that not all phones can recognize this. You can find out whether this will work or by bringing your phone to a speaker. If it produces churning or other obstacles to bringing it to the speaker then it can recognize those potentially suspicious objects as well.
  • Uncover the identified object: If you think that it is cheating with you or there is a disturbance in your solitude then you can tell it to the concerned authorities or the authority.
  • Together with the authorities, search the Video Feed Box. It will be like a plain metal box, out of which many wires will be coming out.
  • If you are a conspirator, then sorry that you have been busted!


  • Wireless cameras usually work with the help of a wireless transmitter and are slightly larger in size because they are equipped with a wireless transmitter. They work with the help of the battery and can send messages or signals to the recording device within approximately 200 feet (60.96 meters) radius. This method is very prevalent for those who spy others.
  • Guess your eyes at the hotel and the workplace and guess that there is no camera at all. Sometimes the camera is put in such places so that you keep your behavior and conduct correctly.
  • Hard-wire cameras are used to prevent theft and other crime in other places. These cameras are connected to recording devices and television monitors.

How To Detect Hidden Camera In Any Room |


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