How To Find Someone From Tracking Or Spying On Your Cell Phone


If you have any reason to believe that there might be a tap of your cell phone or landline, then here are some pointers, to help you confirm this suspicion. Will meet Such signs can be found even for some other reasons, but still, you do not have to depend on just one symptom but rather to concentrate on every kind of symptoms. After you have enough evidence, you can ask for any legal help. Here are some traits that can confirm that someone has installed such a device in your phone. How To Find Someone From Tracking Or Spying On Your Cell Phone

How To Find Someone From Tracking Or Spying On Your Cell Phone

Method 1. Initial doubt

1. If any secret of yours is exposed, then be cautious: if any of your information, which only a few trusted people know, can come out suddenly, and it may be that you have If the information is shared with someone on the phone, then the likelihood is that your information has probably come out through your phone.

  • One of the reasons for this may also be that you are probably the reason for your spat, because of which you are being spied on. For example, if you are on a high post in a company that has many opponents, then maybe you can be spied on.
  • On the other hand, there may be some very common reasons for your phone to be taped, as if you are going to be divorced now. And the person you want to get this kind of information by tapping the phone of your spouse, who can help him get a divorce.
  • If you want to check this, you should share some information with a trusted person on your phone, which is not really so important, but you should say repeatedly to him on the phone, that this The information is extremely important and you do not tell it to anyone. If this information comes out, then understand that someone is listening to you.

2. If you have recently suffered some kind of theft, then be aware: If the lock of your house is broken, but if any valuable things have not been stolen from the house, then be careful. Because something can be wrong. It can also happen, that someone entered the house of your house and installed a wiretap in your phone.

Method 2. Signal for phone

1. Note the voices from the rear: If you are having some sound steadily while talking to someone on the phone, or if there are any other sounds, then it is expected that these voices Due to the tape being generated.

  • However, this is not an appropriate sign, because such voices may occur, due to weather breakdown or due to poor connections.
  • Fixed, some scratching sounds may also come in the way of the two conductor’s capacitive discharge.
  • The extremely powerful voice can also be a big sign.
  • With the help of sound-bandwidth sensor, you can also check for any sounds that your ear cannot hear at low frequency. If the indicator is showing repeatedly in a single minute, then your phone is being tapped.

2. Take your phone to another electronic device: If you feel like you are being taped, then now whenever you talk on the phone, go through the radio or TV. Even if you have never felt any deviation before, but there is a possibility that if you are in front of an electronic device or standing, then some kind of deviation will be felt.

  • It may be that when you are not using the phone, you still hear some deviation in this. An active wireless phone can sometimes interfere with the transmission of data without installing any additional software or hardware, but an inactive phone never does this.
  • Some bugs and tapes use close frequency of FM radio, so whenever you have a stir on the radio while dialing a phone number, then it is possible that any of these devices are being used.
  • Similarly, on tape, on UHF channels, TV broadcast distractions are distracted. So to understand any kind of deviation, use a TV antenna in the room.

3. When the phone is not being used, listen to it: When you are not using your phone, then it should remain in peace. But if you hear any kind of beep, clicking, or similar kind of sounds, even if you are not used to it, then maybe some kind of taping device or software or hardware has been installed in it.

  • In particular, pay attention to the vibration of static noise.
  • If such a thing happens, the microphone and other speakers are activated through a hook switch whip, while not using the phone. Then, any discussion made on the phone within 20 feet (6 m) radius can be heard.
  • Regarding landline, if you can hear the dial tone without touching your phone, it is also a sign of your phone’s taping. Then confirm this voice through an additional amplifier.

Method 3. Cell phone tape signals

1. Note the temperature of the battery: If your phone’s battery is used without using it or it gets hot for no reason, then perhaps there is a tape software in the background and due to which the battery of your phone is continuously Getting used.

  • Of course, the battery is too hot, because you are using it more and more continuously. And it can be even more possible when your phone is more than a year old because the battery gets damaged over time, then this problem is a common problem.

How To Find Someone From Tracking Or Spying On Your Cell Phone

2. Note, how often do you have to charge the phone’s battery: If your phone’s battery life is reduced without any reason, you have to charge twice as normal, One of the reasons for the ending is that the tape software is running continuously and using your battery.

  • You also need to take care of how much you are using your phone. If you are using it more than the limit, then it is a common practice that you have to charge your phone repeatedly. This is applicable only when you are not using your phone at all, or using less than usual.
  • If you want, you can monitor your smart phone’s battery life by using any of these BatteryLife LX or Battery LEDs.
  • Also, note that the battery of any cell phone loses its ability to stay charging for a longer time. If you are getting similar changes from year to year, then this is the result of your phone’s battery being used more and exceeding the extent.

3. Try to shut down your phone: If the process of the shutdown is taking too long, or not being fulfilled, then it is pointing out that someone else is controlling your phone via tape.

  • Pay close attention to this, if you do not take much longer than usual to get a cell phone shutdown, or even after the shutdown, the backlight keeps on burning.
  • Although all these are signs of the taping of your cell phone, but these can be the result of any problems encountered by your phone’s software or hardware, which have nothing to do with the tape.

4. Focus on some irregular activities: If your phone’s lights do anything you do without yourself, the phone is automatically turned on, the phone is automatically shutdown or started, or automatically starts installing any app. , It could happen, that someone hacked your phone and is controlling it through the tape.

  • On the other hand, such irregular deviation is also due to data transmission.


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