How To Find The Ip Address Of A Website Using Command Prompt

How to find the IP address of a website

This article will teach you to find a website’s IP address. You can also find it by using your computer’s built-in function “traceroute” or by downloading a free trace app at iPhone or Android..

Method 1-  On Windows

step 1

1. Click on the Windows logo in the lower-left corner on the screen.

Step 2

2.  Type command prompt in the Start: As soon as you are done, a command prompt will be searched on your computer.

Step 3

3. Click Command Prompt: It should be top in the Start Window. The command prompt will open after clicking on it

step 4

4.  Enter the “Traceout” command for your website: Enter tracert and enter a space, then enter the address of your website (without the “www.”).
To search Google’s IP address, for example you type tracert at the command prompt.
Just one thing to keep in mind that you are writing the correct extension of your website (such as “.com” and “.net”)
There should be a space between tracert and the name of the website here.

Step 5

5.  Press Enter: Command will start running as soon as you do.

Step 6

6. Note the website address: A line written in front of “Tracing route to [website]”, you will find this address in between the set of two brackets; This is the website’s IP address.
For example, if you are using Google as your website, you will see here the “Tracing route to []”.


Method 2:- On Android

Step 1 

  1. Download PingTools Network Utility: Google Play Store in your Android
    Tap the search bar
    write pingtools
    Tap PingTools Network Utility
    Tap AGREE

Step 2

2. Open PingTools Network Utility: Tap OPEN in the Google Play Store or tap on the PingTools app icon.

step 3

3.  Tap: It will be in the upper-left corner of the screen. A pop-out menu will appear.

step 4

4. Tap Traceroute: This option will be in the middle of the pop-out menu.



step 5

5.  Enter address: Tap on the address bar at the top of the screen, then type the address of the website whose IP address you are looking for (e.g., for Google).
You have an address in www. There is no need to include the part.

step 6

6.  Tap on TRACE: This option will be in the upper-right corner of the screen.

step 3

7. Note the IP address: You will see an IP address in the bracket in front of the “traceroute to [website]” line, under the heading “Result”; This address will be your website’s IP address.
For example, if you are looking for Google’s IP address, you will see “traceroute to (” here.

Advice :- 

. If you wish to visit any website, you can enter that website’s IP address in the address bar of your browser. Occasionally webfilters also pass by opening the website in such a way.
. Although the entire website does not allow you to see their IP address, but using the “traceroute” command instead of the “ping” command, any website will not give you the wrong address.
. Do not request to know the IP address of the official website (such as the official website)


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