How to Increase Internet Speed | How to speed up internet windows 10


How to Increase Internet Speed  How to speed up internet windows 10

How to Increase Internet Speed | How to speed up internet windows 10

This article will teach you to get as much speed at a low-speed internet connection. If you are using an Internet connection with the lowest package of your ISP, then your Internet speed, its real speed will be less than the speed you want; Fortunately, there are some steps here that allow you to get real internet speed according to the plan you are paying.

Method 1. Make some general adjustments

1. Update your internet items: Computers, smartphones, tablets and consoles, all of them should be updated from time to time, if not doing so, there is a decrease in your internet speed. Confirm updates to all your internet items/devices.

  • Most of these items alert you when the update is available. It is not right to ignore the updates

2. Reduce the number of services being run: When your Internet connection is low speed, in such a situation, you can not run more than one service simultaneously, which use more bandwidth (e.g. That, Netflix an online video game, youtube etc); Even though running low-bandwidth service also runs simultaneously, it also reduces Internet speed. To get good internet speed, use one service at a time.

  • When using a smartphone or console, instead of just minimizing any program, turn it off completely. If an app is running in the background, then it can also reduce your internet speed.

3. Turn off other items connected to the Internet: As you close the programs that use more bandwidth, the performance of your browser is better, just like that if you have a lot of other computer/ smartphone/entertainment devices in your network If you stay connected, then your internet speed may decrease. You can also increase your internet speed by closing these items for a while, by removing it from your network.

  • This problem can also be addressed by keeping these items connected to the Internet/devices in the Airplane Mode.

4. Change your router’s channel: There are two bands used on many modern routers: a 2.4 GHz band, one standard for wireless communication and the other is the 5 GHz band, which can be downloaded faster and without Returns the results of any interruption. If a 5 GHz band is also present on your router, then by setting the router to this band, the other devices connected to the network will be reduced due to interruptions due to the wireless connection.

  • You can switch to 5 GHz band only through your Wi-Fi settings. For the 5 GHz band, different names are used on each router, so to find out more about it, look at the router’s manual or search it online.
  • 5 GHz bands are not available on every router. If only one standard 2.4 GHz band is available on your router, then leave this step.
  • Because the range of 5 GHz bands is lower than the 2.4 GHz band, so you have to keep connected items or devices connected to your Internet, within rows of 10 to 15 feet.

5. Use Ethernet instead of wireless: Wi-Fi is a suitable device, but still there are lots of troubles related to the connection. If you want more and more stability from your internet connection, then connect your computer (or console) through an ethernet cable, a modem or router.

  • For Mac users to do this, a USB-C ethernet will be required; Connect the smartphone or tablet to Ethernet
  • Most of the users who face problems due to the slow internet connection, they are more upset about its instability (such as, some pages are loaded while others take too much time to load). Using Ethernet cable will get rid of this problem.
  • To get the fastest speed available in any plan, connect any item or device (eg, computer) directly to the modem (not a router) via Ethernet cable. By doing so, the Internet connection will be accessed only through a wired item.

6. Scan for viruses on your computer: Virus can slow down your computer as well as internet connection. To scan your computer, use of antivirus software will remove such a problem-causing program if needed.

Method 2 Making some changes to your browser

1. Use a fast browser: If you are still using an earlier version of Internet Explorer or Safari, then you will not be able to get the right speed even on a fast Internet connection. Instead, confirm that you use these browsers

  • Both Chrome and Firefox are a fast browser for both Windows and Mac computers.
  • Microsoft Edge is a bit lesser but a relatively fast browser for Windows 10 users.
  • Safari 11 is the choice of the fastest browser for Mac users.

2. Remove some unimportant add-ons, extensions, and plugins: Although most plugins and add-ons make your browsing experience even better, but some other pages are loaded Do make them even worse. If you wish, by removing these add-ons from your browser, you can increase the speed of your internet, do this for:

  • Chrome – Open Chrome, click More tools, click Extensions, click Extensions, under any extension, click REMOVE, when asked, then click Remove and then repeat this method for any other extension.
  • Firefox – Open Firefox, click ☰, click Add-ons, click Remove on the right side of the extension, and then repeat this method for any other extension.
  • Edge – Open Edge, click ⋯, click Extensions, on the right side of the extension, click the icon that looks like a gear, and then click Uninstall. When asked, then click Ok and then do this for other extensions as well.
  • Safari – Open Safari, click Safari, click Preferences …, click the Extensions tab, select the name of the extension, and then click Uninstall. When prompted, confirm uninstall it and then repeat this method for any other extension.

3. Do not use too many tabs at once: opening multiple tabs at once will not harm your Internet connection, but this will gradually reduce the speed of your browser. Using a slow Internet connection on a slow browser, there is a way to increase your problem even more and nothing else. So as far as possible, keep the number of your existing open tabs up to five or fewer.

4. Do not open more than one browser window at a time: Using one browser window at a time, your internet connection will be kept free from the stress of supporting two browsers at a time.

  • This will be especially important if you are running a more bandwidth service like YouTube, on a single browser.

5. Stream only when no other task is being performed: such as working on another window, watching Netflix or listening to a song to YouTube, but doing so may result in the speed of your internet There will be a dearth only.


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