How To Know That You Can Sing A Good Song | How To Know If You Can Sing?


When you sing, you may think that you sing a very good song, but how do you know that you are really a good singer? You can do this if you want to check your voice well. For this you just need to listen carefully to yourself and it is important for others to get suggestions about your voice.

How To Know That You Can Sing A Good Song | How To Know If You Can Sing?
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Method 1 Test your voice in front of others

1. Sing to your family before you: You have tried your best to know that you can sing, but now prove that this is next to your family.

  • Choose a room in which your voice is heard very well, in a big room whose roof is high, your voice will be heard well.
  • If you get nervous or you are ashamed then stop and start again. Do not worry about your nervousness Just worry about your voice.
  • After the end of his song, ask his family for his opinion. Listen carefully to whatever he says anything. By their words, you will get an idea that your voice is good or not. If you believe in yourself, then proceed to the point.

2. Sing in front of a lot of people: There are many chances to sing in front of everyone, you can go to a club and sing on the mic, take part in a talent show or you can sing karaoke too. Find such a place and tell strangers your song.

  • As you will sing, you understand the reaction of people. Those people do not know you, that’s why you will give the right answer to your voice.
  • Ask some of your friends that they asked people how did you sing. Often people do not like to give such an answer, so just learn from them and try to improve their voice.

3. Do bubbing: To know the people’s opinion, do a bubbing at a train station or in a shopping mall. If possible, put a microphone and amplifier so that people are attracted to your voice. You can sing for free or keep a hat or bowl in front of them so that they can earn some money.

  • Choose a good song that many people like to hear.
  • If people are not coming to you then it may be because they do not like your voice. Do not give up, it may be due to poor amplification.
  • Do not leave your result on how many people hear your song. People often do not have time to listen to Buskars but this does not mean that they did not like your voice.
How To Know That You Can Sing A Good Song | How To Know If You Can Sing?
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Method 2 Hear you

1. Record your voice: Due to your sinus KVTs your voice sounds different in your own hearing and when people listen to it, it looks different. This means if you want to know how your voice sounds to others, record your voice. [1] This is the easiest way to know if you can sing a good song.

  • You do not need any microphone or new techniques to find out if your voice is good. Nowadays, every computer and smartphone have the ability to record voice. Apart from this, you can also use a cassette recorder or you can record your voice in the answering machine of someone’s phone.
  • If you are ashamed to sing in front of others, then this is the easiest way to remove your nervousness. If you are not listening to anybody else then you can sing your song of the song open.

2. Choose a good song: Whether you have seen anything on your TV but singing with the Capella software will not be able to know that your voice sounds good. You need to choose a good song like empty a track from which you know that you have correct addresses in the tune. You can easily find such a karaoke track on YouTube.

  • You will find old pop songs that you can sing easily. They will not be more hits but you will get started with a tune. Apart from this, you can practice with singing on the keyboard of the Kaiso or with the songs on instruments.

3. Sing singly: Once you have chosen your song and arranged the recorder then find a quiet place to sing. In this way, you will not have to worry that no one is listening to you. Make your song and press the record button.

  • If there is a basement or garage in your house, go there or wait for some loneliness. You can record songs by sitting in your car.
  • Remember that you are not trying to make a successful song. You are just trying to see how good your voice is.

4. Try singing in a natural way: Good songs do not mean that you have to act like big singers. Try singing your song with ease and with simplicity. Keep in mind that try to sing the song in tune.

5. Listen to the song you recorded: Note that have you taken all the actions in between the songs correctly and have you kept the tune in the right place?
Listen to the recorded song several times. Listen to the computer speaker first, then listen to the car speaker and then listen on the headphones.

  • Many times a voice does not look good on a speaker but if you listen to a good speaker then that sounds great. Many times listening to the song carefully.


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