How To Stop Thinking About Someone | You Love or Hate |


How To Stop Thinking About Someone | You Love or Hate |

Sometimes it happens that you can not forget your very good moment or any very embarrassing moment. Such thinking is very common, but if it is disturbing you, then there are so many steps available to overcome them, but only those who need to be raised. Start by focusing all your attention on this article.

How To Stop Thinking About Someone

Method 1:-  Prevention of ideas from coming

1. Write down your thoughts: The thoughts of you, remove your attention from your work, and because of this, feelings of anxiety, displeasure, and nervousness arise within you, as a first step, on a paper Should start by writing. Write down the thoughts that bother you, ranging from the stressed thoughts to the most, to the least stressed thoughts.

  • For example, if you have a thought of leaving your job in your mind, then this list will be like this: 1. How can I pay my bills and take care of my children? 2. If I do not get any other job, what will I do? 3. If I was thrown out of the company, would I feel very bad?
  • You have to start your thoughts with the least stressed ideas.

2. Imagine your thoughts: Sit in a private place. Close your eyes. Imagine a situation in which stressful thoughts can arise within you.

3. Stop thinking: Set timers or alarms for 3 minutes. Then focus on some unwanted ideas. Whenever you call a timer or an alarm, then speak out loud, “wait!” It is a sign of emptying your mind from those thoughts. Think about some deliberately (some rivers, waterfalls or picnic spots) and keep your mind on this place for 30 seconds. If you think that troubling thoughts come back, then again “Stop!” Shout.

  • If you want to “Stop!” While standing, you can stand up, or clap your lips. Do this by saying “wait!” This order will get strength and after this, your thoughts will stop coming.
  • At the place of setting the timer, you “Stop!” You can record your voice by saying, and after some time you can turn on this tape to stop your thoughts. When you hear this sound, then remove all thoughts from your mind.

4. Practice: Keep repeating this process until you get all the ideas out of your mind. After this, do a “quiet” voice again in a quiet voice and repeat this exercise. Once you say “wait” in this quiet and ordinary voice, stop coming to your thoughts, then start speaking slowly and again. After passing the time, you can now imagine “stop” with your mind. In this situation, you will be successful in stopping your ideas anytime anywhere. When you have completed a level, then select another idea in your list.

Method 2:- to be busy

1. Be active: To keep your mind clean, keep yourself busy in any such sport, which should be kept in your eyes, your body, your hands and your eyes, it will be appropriate. With this, exercise will also increase the neurotransmitters and endorphin factors that make you feel good in your mind.

How To Stop Thinking About Someone

2. Do some hard work harder: challenge yourself to solve a Sudoku or crossword, solve mathematical questions or follow some complex instructions to complete a project. Such mind-boggling complex activities will remove your attention from unintended thinking and focus on activity.

3. Laugh: Laughter moves your mind away from worries. When we laugh, our mind becomes too busy – it instructs our body to maintain the gesture and the order of the sound. Laughing is less tense, so if the thoughts that are coming, again and again, are giving you anxiety and stress, then laughter will be a good technique for you to go away from them. For this, increase your friendship with your friends who laugh at you, or watch a funny movie or yoga class. With this, you can learn to laugh at any of the therapists who are proficient in “Laughter Therapy”, laughing in some difficult times or even talking about a joke.

4. Talk about it: Talking to someone about this, there is a way to get your ideas out. Go to a friend or family member who is a good listener and tell them all the things in your mind. If you feel that your friend can not assist you in getting control over your thoughts, then go to a therapist or counselor and consult him. How To Stop Thinking About Someone | You Love or Hate |


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