How To Use Siri On Iphone | How To Use Apple Siri App |


Siri is smart, informative and fantastic, and funny too! This article will introduce you to Siri and it will also be told how you can reach its many features and functions.
How To Use Siri On Iphone | How To Use Apple Siri App |

Method 1 To reach the Siri

1. Hold down the Home button: You will hear two low-pitched beeps, and you will see a text displayed above the microphone icon on the display “What can I help you with?”

  • If you are using a phone with an iPhone 4S or later, then when your screen is on, activate the phone and the Siri with your ear.
  • If you are using a Bluetooth headset, then press the call button to activate the Siri and press.
  • If you are using remote, headphones and mic, then to talk to the Siri, press the button between the remote and hold it.
  • In those cars, which use IFree, there is a Siri activating feature on the steering wheel. Activate the Siri, and reach the next petrol pump, and then ask him by way to the movie theatre, and even without removing the hand from the wheel.

2.  Start talking: You will see that the icon of the microphone will start shining – this will tell you that you are connecting with the Siri. When you make a mistake, the Siri will give two high-pitched pipes Siri and whatever you have said will display it in text format. Then he will answer you on the basis of your question or command.

  • For example, if you ask, the “What time is it” Siri will answer and tell you the right time. You can also ask “What time is it in Brazil,” and Siri will also tell.
  • If you say “Play jazz,” then Siri will access iTunes and play your jazz playlist.

Method 2 Use Siri

1. Use Siri often: Siri will get detached from your voice, Accent and Speech Pattern, and the more you use it, the more precise your acupressure will be.

2. Talk to your app: Siri can virtually interact with all your built-in Apple apps, as well as Twitter, Wikipedia, Facebook and more.

  • For example, you can ask the Siri “How to go to Lucknow”, and it will explore Maps, find the way, and show you the way.
  • You can help, find out the surrounding restore, fix your appointments, or even call your mom – just ask.

3. Use Location Services: By enabling this, you can do it on the basis of location, use Siri, remind yourself of events or reminders.

  • For example, if you want to stop at the grocery store while returning from work, you can activate the Siri and say “Remind me to stop at the market after work”. When you’re out of the door, Friendly reminder.

4. Let Siri take dictation: On all those iOS devices that support Siri, whatever you want to write can speak, and Siri will convert it into text. Just tap the microphone button on your keyboard and start chatting. When you’re done, then tap “Done”, and Siri will transcribe your words into text


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